The Coinbase Case: Implications for Standard Form Contract Arbitration Disputes

In a class action suit brought against Coinbase, a CryptoCurrency trading platform,  its consumers asserted that their accounts were mishandled, resulting in substantial financial losses due to the alleged fraudulent activities. Coinbase, in its defense, relied on the Coinbase user agreement, which contains an arbitration provision that compels arbitration for disputes arising under the agreement.1 When the federal District Court denied Coinbase’s motion to compel arbitration, the company brought an interlocutory appeal2 on the issue...

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Arbitration Conversation No. 76: Prof. Steven Shapiro, American University Washington College of Law

In this episode of the Arbitration Conversation, Amy interviews Prof. Steven Shapiro from the American University, Washington College of Law. Prof. Shapiro is the founder and Director of the Hospitality & Tourism Law program, and he is a Senior Affiliate in the Program on Law & Government and teaches Construction Law.

By Steven Shapiro, Amy Schmitz

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