Diversity Checklist For International Arbitration (Part Three)

This article was first published on the Thomson Reuters Practical Law Arbitration Blog, here. This three-part blog provides a diversity checklist to help retain and promote young and diverse talent in international arbitration.  Part one provides an introduction to the state of diversity in international arbitration, and how checklists can help achieve excellence.  Part two discusses the rationale for a ten-point diversity checklist in arbitration.  This part three sets out the checklist itself, as well as two associated questionnaires...




Arbitration Conversation No. 64: Richard Ormond and Jake Stango of

In this episode of the Arbitration Conversation Amy interviews Richard Ormond and Jake Stango, the founders of, an online arbitration service provider (a new ODR start-up) based in Los Angeles, California (learn more at

The discussion focuses on B2B online arbitration (OArb), describing their process, their reasons for founding the company, and how text-based arbitration can be both fair and efficient.

By Richard Ormond, Jake Stango, Amy Schmitz

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