What is Arbitration, Anyway?

Many years ago, I conducted focus groups in Denver, Colorado, asking consumers to discuss their understanding of arbitration. Nearly all the consumers assumed that arbitration is the same as mediation. Moreover, they did not realize that arbitration is binding or that being subject to an arbitration agreement generally cuts off one’s access to a class action. Accordingly, here is a short post to briefly describe arbitration. Indeed, arbitration processes have become a critical part of...




Arbitration Conversation No. 59: Mediator, Arbitrator, and Special Master Karl Bayer

In this episode of the Arbitration Conversation Amy interviews Karl Bayer, an Alternative Dispute Resolution practitioner with almost thirty years of experience in litigation, mediation, and arbitration. A long-time successful trial lawyer, Karl has earned the respect and trust of both the plaintiffs’ and the defense bars, filling a niche in Austin and around Texas as a mediator who is requested by both sides of most disputes. He has spoken extensively about ADR and technical topics, both at CLE presentations and as an adjunct professor at The University of Texas School of Law.

By Karl Bayer, Amy Schmitz

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