2023: The Year of OArb

A common question asked after our presentations on online dispute resolution (ODR) is: “when can we expect the arrival of robot arbitrators?” Even if we had focused our time during the presentation on topics like effective online hearing rooms or document management systems, the audience inevitably makes the leap to the irresistible topic of robot arbitrators. It’s not that we aren’t sympathetic; the excitement of the next breakthrough invention is often more compelling than the...

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Arbitration Conversation No. 76: Prof. Steven Shapiro, American University Washington College of Law

In this episode of the Arbitration Conversation, Amy interviews Prof. Steven Shapiro from the American University, Washington College of Law. Prof. Shapiro is the founder and Director of the Hospitality & Tourism Law program, and he is a Senior Affiliate in the Program on Law & Government and teaches Construction Law.

By Steven Shapiro, Amy Schmitz

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