AAA Launches New AAAi Lab Offering Products, Education, Guidance & News

Latest Technology Innovation Seeks to Support AAA Users, Arbitrators, & Broader Legal Community with Incorporating Generative AI into ADR Processes

NEW YORK, Dec. 6, 2023 – The American Arbitration Association® (AAA) and its international division, the International Centre for Dispute Resolution® (ICDR®), announces the launch of the AAAi Lab – a web center supporting AAA users, arbitrators, in-house counsel and law firms with policy guidance, educational webinars and tools for embracing generative AI in alternative dispute resolution.

“Innovation is in our DNA, and we see generative AI technology as an opportunity to support our mission to lead the world in providing innovative measures to prevent and resolve disputes fairly and efficiently,” said Bridget McCormack, president and CEO of the American Arbitration Association and special advisor to the ABA AI Task Force. “Our chief legal officer, Eric Tuchmann, and his team are releasing today the first of many lab initiatives that will provide data protocols, guidelines, rules and clauses that affirm our values—integrity, service, process fidelity, innovation and inclusion. We’re excited to share webinars and workshops to showcase how the AAA is building Generative AI into the workflow of alternative dispute resolution.”

The AAAi Lab will be a collaborative center for the ADR community, providing a platform to engage with the AAA’s ongoing efforts in leading product and service innovations and to participate in defining the future of ADR. At kick-off, the Lab will feature the AAA’s guidance on AI and ADR, and link to contributions made by others in the ADR community. The Lab will also include News, and Event pages with updates on AAAi Lab’s work, which will show how the AAA is using AI for improving internal processes and external services and products.

The AAAi Lab’s webinar and policy projects are supported by David L. Evans, former AAA Board Member, Joshua Walker, co-founder of the Stanford Law School’s CodeX program and one of its first business start-up off-shoots, Lex Machina (and author of “On Legal AI”), and Diana Didia, chief information and innovation officer of the AAA. Didia will lead workshops with her team and provide best practice recommendations around AI and technology improvements for ADR practitioners and users.

“One of our first initiatives involves showcasing at Legal Week how the AAA is using AI to improve both internal processes and the customer experience, as well as product innovations showing how easily transferable such tools are across our legal community. Our upcoming ClauseBuilder® AI (Beta) tool, premiering January 30, 2024 at Legal Week, will enable in-house counsel and law firms to quickly add written AAA ADR clauses using natural language AI search and retrieval capabilities,” Didia said.

Working with the AAA community, the Board and the wider legal community, the AAA will provide an anchoring vision, built on responsible AI principles, to best serve the ADR community and to ensure ethical AI innovation across the ADR spectrum.

For more information, please visit AAAi Lab

About the American Arbitration AssociationThe not-for-profit American Arbitration Association® (AAA) is the leading provider of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services for parties in commercial disputes, having administered more than seven million ADR cases since its founding in 1926. With 29 offices in the United States, in addition to Singapore, the AAA provides organizations of all sizes in virtually every industry with ADR services and products. For more information, visit

About the International Centre for Dispute ResolutionThe International Centre for Dispute Resolution® (ICDR®) is the international division of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and the largest international provider of dispute resolution services. Established in 1996, the ICDR serves parties from over 100 countries with multilingual staff experienced in international dispute resolution proceedings, and a roster of over 725 arbitrators and mediators. For more information, visit

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