Donald B. Cripe
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Donald B. Cripe

MC3 Certified, Award Winning Mediator.

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Law Professor (Mediation/ADR), Univ. of La Verne College of Law; Superior Court Judicial Arbitrator since 1996—having conducted several hundred arbitrations; Settlement Judge since 1996; Family Law Mediator-Riverside Sup Ct Mandatory Dispute Resolution Conference Program; General Mediator-Dispute Resolution Services, Riverside; Civil Mediator- Riverside County Sup.Ct; Riverside Sup Ct Mediation Panel. Have conducted in excess of 4000 mediations on a wide variety of matters, including most of which have been indentified in my professional experience section. I conduct Fee Arbitrations for the Riverside County Bar Assn. Arb/Med panel of American Health Lawyer’s Ass’n Panel of Independent Arbitrators for Kaiser Health Plans. On the Panel of Arbitrators & Mediators for the AAA. Arbitrator and Mediator for the AHLA

1996-Present: Judicial Arbitrator
1996-2001: Settlement Judge (acting) San Bern Fam Ct
1999-Pres: Mediator Riverside DRS
1999-Pres: Mediator Riverside Sup Ct
2003-Pres: Mediator: Riverside Fam Ct
2006-Pres: Special Master, Riverside Sup, Ct
2009-Pres: Mediation Panel-Riverside Sup Ct
2009-Pres: Mediator/Arbitrator for IVJC
2009-2011: Kaiser Independent Arbitrator
2011-Pres: Am Arb Ass’n
2012-Pres: Am Health Lawyers Ass’n
2012-2015: Award Top 3 Mediators for the Riverside Sup Ct
2013: Jane Addams Award–Family Law Mediations
2014: Solomon Award–Family Law Mediations

Areas Of Practice

  • ADA
  • Business
  • Civil (general)
  • Commercial
  • Construction (all areas)
  • Contracts
  • Elder
  • Employment
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Landlord - Tenant
  • Legal Malpractice
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Police
  • Professional Fees
  • Real Estate (all areas)
  • Workplace

Fees and Provisos

$1,200.00, or amount calculated upon the estimated time for mediation at the applicable rate (i.e., est: 4 hrs @ $300/hr = $1,200) payable upon engagement, earned on receipt.

Hourly Fees (exceeding 4 hours beginning at the end of the fourth hour) [hourly fees include preparation & post mediation document preparation]

Basic Issue Mediation (Non-Complex, i.e., basic contract, tort)**

2 – 4 Private parties: $300/hr. equally divided among the parties*

5 or more private parties: $350/hr. equally divided among the parties*

Business/Complex Mediation (construction, medical, other technical issues)

Binding Arb/UIM Arbitration: $375.00/hr, Min 4 hrs: must estimate time before engagement. Billing based upon 4 hr. min. or the estimated time, whichever is greater.

There will be a Facility Fee charged at the rate charged to me (typically about $30-$40/hr) unless parties or I can make other less expensive arrangements.<p>

Travel time out of the Riverside/San Bernardino city areas is subject to negotiation, but would include mileage and expenses in addition to a discounted travel rate.

Basic Issue Mediation may involve small businesses with basic issues in dispute.

Division of fees must be resolved among the parties before the commencement of mediation with one party identified as the payor to which fee statements shall be submitted.

All parties to Mediation must sign a written Mediation Fee Agreement/Agreement to Mediate, Confidentiality Agreement and the Minimum Mediation Fee must be paid before any date is booked.

Liability Insurance

  • Yes

ADR Training

  • State and County Bar Training as a Fee Arbitrator
  • Formal Training for Temporary Judges, including Judicial Conduct and Ethics
  • Dispute Resolution Service Mediation Training
  • Mediating High Conflict Cases
  • Center for Understanding in Mediation Mediation Training
  • American Institute of Mediation: Mediating Litigated Cases
  • American Arbitration Association Training: Mediation & Arbitration
  • Straus Institute Mediation Training


  • Wildmon Merit Scholar (Full Scholastic Scholarship)
  • UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII, West Oahu College - B.A. with Distinction Psychology 1985 (Class Rank: #1)

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