Adriana Vaamonde Marcano

Adriana is a lawyer from the Monteávila University, a Specialist in Corporate Law from the Metropolitan University and a Master in Foreign Trade from the Carlos III University of Madrid.

She is a lecturer and author of various specialized articles on arbitration. She is also the former Executive Director of the Arbitration Center of the Caracas Chamber, with extensive experience and background in institutional arbitration, having managed more than 120 mediation and arbitration cases.

She maintains a leadership position in institutions dedicated to the promotion of arbitration and the active participation of its young practitioners, among which its role in the Board of Directors of the Latin American International Arbitration Young Practitioners and in the Board of Directors of the Venezuelan Association of Arbitration, from whom she received the “Dr. Carlos Lepervanche Michelena” in 2019. She is also a member of the Academic Council of the Center for Research and Studies for Dispute Resolution (CIERC). She is also a member of the Spanish Arbitration Club (Grupo-40) and the Rising Arbitrators Initiative.

She is a professor of National and International Arbitration in the Procedural Law Specialization at the Central University of Venezuela. She has been a professor of the Training Course for Arbitrators Specialized in National and International Commercial Arbitration of the Peruvian Chamber of Business, and also a professor of the subject of Alternative Means of Dispute Resolution at the Metropolitan University and in the Advanced Studies Program in Corporate Law of the Institute of Management and Strategy of the Zulia State.

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