Fernando Sanquírico Pittevil
Fernando Sanquírico Pittevil

Fernando Sanquírico Pittevil

Fernando Sanquirico Pittevilfocuses his practice in alternative dispute resolution, corporate, and administrative matters.

Fernando has represented private parties in investments, and domestic and international arbitrations, before national and international arbitration centres, and conducted successful negotiations for the settlement of international arbitration matters and disputes between companies and sates.

Fernando has advised companies on how to structure and protect both national and international investments, offering support regarding the evaluation of possible risks during the development of said investments.

He has also participated in transactions involving sale of assets, acquisitions, spinoffs and due diligences, and other corporate matters. In addition, he has advised companies and individuals on the application of international sanctions and the risks that they entail.

Before joining InterJuris Abogados, he worked as an associate at an international law firm in Venezuela, and in the legal department of a leading Venezuelan bank.

Mr Sanquirico is professor of civil law in Universidad Central de Venezuela, Universidad Católica Andrés Bello and Universidad Monteávila. In his academic career, he has been invited to teach the International Arbitration subject in the Procedural Law LLM at Universidad Central de Venezuela. He is currently the director of the Research and Studies Centre for Dispute Resolution of the Universidad Monteávila. He is also the Academic Coordinator of the Advanced Studies Programme on Arbitration in the Universidad Monteavila. Mr Sanquirico is also a member of the list of arbitrators in both the Arbitration Centre of the Caracas Chamber and the Business Centre for Conciliation and Arbitration. Fernando is a member of the Board of Directors of the Venezuelan Arbitration Association for the period 2019-2021.

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