Kevin M. Young

The workplace is changing. Technology has created challenges and opportunities that were barely imaginable just a few years ago. Meanwhile, employers are grappling with a legal landscape in which many federal laws remain stuck in the past, while state and local laws are evolving rapidly. Experienced and forward-focused, businesses of all sizes trust Kevin to provide thoughtful solutions for ensuring compliance, both now and in the future.

While Kevin defends and advises employers on a multitude of issues, he is particularly well-versed in the fast-changing web of federal, state, and local wage and hour laws (e.g., minimum wage, overtime, exempt classification, independent contractor classification, wage deductions, pay frequency, meal and rest breaks, call-back pay, reporting pay, and predictive scheduling).

As a lawyer, Kevin is driven by owning his clients' goals and crafting strategies to meet them. He has spent nearly a decade defending employers facing single-plaintiff, collective action, and class action lawsuits, as well as government investigations. He has secured multiple denials of class certification and won battles for dismissal or summary judgment. He has also successfully mediated cases of all sizes, from single-claimant matters to nationwide class cases.

Leveraging that experience, Kevin also helps employers to proactively assess workplace practices and, where necessary, to ideate and implement change. From designing audit plans to providing training on new policies or practices, he provides employers with end-to-end counsel in identifying and mitigating risk and managing change.

Though entrusted for the practical counsel he provides, Kevin is distinguished by his proficiency with data and technology. He earned his undergraduate degree in accounting, spent three summers interning for a Big Four tax firm, and devoted the start of his legal career to tax law. While that experience doesn't qualify him to prepare your taxes, it molded Kevin into an attorney who is as comfortable developing a detailed, intuitive exposure analysis as he is training a roomful of supervisors on best practices and common pitfalls.

A tech geek at heart, Kevin also leverages technology to enhance the delivery of legal service. For instance, he developed a document automation tool to promote efficiency and quality control for the drafting of responses to written discovery requests. He has also created a multitude of exposure models that can be easily drawn upon in common wage and hour cases, without needing to recreate the proverbial wheel.

A collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to solving problems is at the core of how Kevin operates. He is well-networked across the firm, and he leads cross-office teams that are built to provide needs-tailored and cost-efficient service. In addition, Kevin routinely works with the firm's skilled, non-attorney professionals, such as project managers, labor economists, and software engineers.

Kevin regularly speaks on issues arising at the intersection of technology and employment law. He has spoken on and moderated multiple panels, for example, on the impact of AI, automation, and the growth of the "gig" economy on the workplace. He also routinely provides training to supervisors, managers, and other audiences on employment law trends and best practices.

When he's not working or spending time with his family, you can find Kevin on the ice hockey rink. His team, the Center Ice Crustaceans, won its rec league championship in 2016 (and has failed to make the playoffs each season since).

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