Marie-Claude Martel

I have been working with the founding partners of Forseti for over 15 years. I myself became a partner at Forseti in 2022. Over time, we have developed a chemistry and an efficient working method based on the strengths of each team member. Teamwork is definitely one of our firm’s greatest strengths.

personally stand out for the rigour of my analyses, my in-depth knowledge of each of the cases on which I work, my attention to detail, my integrity, my creativity and my frankness. I enjoy the challenge of developing strategies to achieve our clients’ goals.

I place great importance on alternative dispute resolution methods and have specialized in these areas in during my practice, being an accredited arbitrator and mediator. These are additional tools in my kit to help me properly guide our clients towards the mode of settlement that best suits their needs while being competent to act in each of these forums. I have appeared before most of the courts in Quebec, including the Court of Appeal of Quebec, and have acted as counsel in major arbitrations and mediations and as an arbitrator in other cases.

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