Michael McIlwrath

Michael Mcilwrath is a global leader in dispute resolution. He has dedicated his career to resolving conflict through international negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and court litigation, and also by promoting broader access to civil justice that is fair and efficient.

Michael Mcilwrath has conducted mediations and arbitrations around the world under the rules of the leading international and regional institutions as well as domestic and international ad hoc procedures.

Michael spent 22 years as in-house counsel leading dispute resolution teams, most recently as Vice-President of Litigation for Baker Hughes, an energy technology company. Prior to that he was Global Chief Litigation Counsel for GE Oil & Gas, and General Electric’s lead litigation lawyer for Europe. His experience spans the range of disputes arising in technology and services industries, including oil & gas, renewable energy, transportation infrastructure, environmental, healthcare, M&A, and intellectual property.

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