Denial of Motion to Compel Arbitration Vacated by Second Circuit Due to Insufficient Record Evidence of Presentment of “Scrollwrap Agreement” to Users

Nicole Zachman brought a putative class action against the Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union (HVCU) for breach of contract and violation of the federal Electronic Fund Transfer Act, among other claims, based on HVCU’s alleged practice of collecting overdraft or insufficient funds fees on accounts that were not actually overdrawn.

HVCU moved to compel arbitration based on an arbitration provision included in the modified account agreement Zachman signed in 2019 when she opened her online account with HVCU. Zachman countered that the account agreement she signed in 2012, when she originally opened her account with HVCU, did not contain an arbitration agreement and further that she was not bound by the arbitration provision added in 2019 because she was never provided notice of its addition…

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