International Arbitration Award Under the New York Convention and Against the Haitian Government Confirmed…

The Southern District of New York confirmed an international arbitration panel’s award in favor of a Haitian company (PRH) and against the Haitian Bureau de Monetisation des Programmes d’Aide au Developpement (BMPAD). PRH entered into a series of contracts to source, ship, and deliver fuel to BMPAD. The first four fuel deliveries proceeded without a hitch, but BMPAD allegedly fell behind on payments on the fifth order. Eventually, PRH stopped the fuel shipments, alleging that BMPAD owed approximately $27.2 million.

PRH served a notice upon BMPAD demanding arbitration of their dispute pursuant to the arbitration clause in their agreements. The clause provided that if BMPAD did not appoint a second arbitrator within 10 days, then PRH would be entitled to select the second arbitrator, which PRH proceeded to do after the deadline had lapsed…

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