Law Firm Blasts L’Occitane Case Challenging Mass Arbitration Claims

Plaintiffs’ law firm Zimmerman Reed has asked a U.S. judge to dismiss a lawsuit against it by France’s L’Occitane, claiming the skincare company “fabricated” conspiracy allegations and improperly invoked an anti-wiretapping law in a bid to escape thousands of consumer arbitration claims.
“There is no factual or legal basis for L’Occitane’s claim, and it should be denied without leave to amend,” the law firm told, opens new tab U.S. District Judge Percy Anderson in Los Angeles.
L’Occitane sued Zimmerman Reed last month, claiming the law firm was “manufacturing” mass arbitration claims against it under the California Invasion of Privacy Act by having people visit the company’s website and claim their privacy was violated by third-party tracking software.
The lawsuit seeks an injunction against the firm and an order that would declare parts of CIPA unconstitutional. The California law prohibits covertly eavesdropping or recording telephone conversations and includes a private right of action.
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