North Carolina District Court Dismisses Action Where Plaintiff Had Full and Fair Opportunity to Pursue Arbitration Claim

This case arose out of a dispute between the plaintiff and his former employer American National Red Cross for incorrect calculation of lost wages and health insurance premiums.

The plaintiff was hired by the Red Cross in February 2015 and terminated in September 2017. As a member of the Teamsters Local 71 union, the plaintiff brought a grievance against the Red Cross, which was submitted to arbitration pursuant to the collective bargaining agreement between the union and the Red Cross.

After two arbitration hearings in May 2018, the arbitrator awarded the plaintiff reinstatement to his job as well as lost wages and benefits. Months later, the arbitrator clarified her ruling stating that the award included actual overtime earnings before the plaintiff’s termination. The parties agreed on the amounts to be paid in accordance with the arbitration award.

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