Walgreens Sues to Block ‘Egregious’ $987 mln Arbitration Award

Retail pharmacy giant Walgreens, has asked a Delaware federal judge to strike down what it called an “egregious and improper” arbitration award of nearly $1 billion for telemedicine provider PWNHealth in a contract dispute between the companies.
PWNHealth, which does business as Everly Health Solutions, separately asked, the judge to affirm the arbitration award, according to court filings unsealed on Tuesday.
Walgreens argued, that the $987 million award was 12 times above the maximum of $79 million in damages allowed under the contract between the two companies. It would be the largest-ever under the federal Lanham Act, a false advertising law that protects trademarks, the company said.
Everly initiated the arbitration in 2022, claiming that Deerfield, Illinois-based Walgreens broke the terms of a 2020 COVID-era business contract.

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